Ocean Freight

The company has a large staff specialized in providing sea freight services with high efficiency and providing the best service to the customer as well as to the government sector, companies and institutions to and from Egypt and all over the world , The company provides an import service for all types of sea shipments from various cities of the world as quickly as possible. We also have a highly experienced crew that packs and transports the shipments with the highest quality. The customer can contact the company and agree with it to import the shipment from anywhere, and the company will By responding to it as soon as possible and informing him of the necessary procedures to complete and end the arrival of the shipment to its place The company carries out cargo insurance services, providing ships suitable for the size of shipments of different sizes and quantities, and the company provides its best services in the field of sea freight in various parts of the world, and with its agents and experts in dealing with shipments in the port, which guarantees the customer speed in performance and the arrival of shipments to their place Safe .
Our ocean-freight specialists will assist you in finding the most efficient means of transport either via Less-than-Container-Loads (LCL) or via Full-Container-Loads (FCL), Our large volume of cargo combined with our strategic partnerships with leading shipping lines enable us to offer highly competitive rates and reliable services to all our customers.

 (FCL) Full-Container-Loads when your shipment is large enough to take advantage of a full container space, FCL can be the right choice for you. In FCL, the entire container is reserved for one shipper and its space is not shared with other shippers, FCL shipping is one of the most used shipping methods and is also considered to be cost effective when you have goods in large. Full container loads (FCL) are the backbone of our operations. Due to our deep knowledge, arising from the various commodities we deal with and the requirements through which they must be transported, enables us to cater to all your needs in sea transportation. Moreover, the large volume of goods handled along with the important partnerships, which enables us to offer High quality services Even if the shipment is not large enough to fill an entire container, you can choose FCL shipping when you want to avoid any possibility or risk of damage, loss, or contamination of your shipment. FCL shipping shipments remain packed or sealed from origin to destination, so it is preferred when they are Goods safety is of utmost importance.
(LCL) Less-than-Container-Loads known as consolidation, refers to ocean freight shipments in which more than one shipment is bundled into one container with two other shippers by sharing container space. When the dimensions of your shipment are less than 13 cubic metres, LCL rates are based on weight and volume. It is cheaper to ship via LCL when your shipment volume is less than 13 cubic meters so you get lower shipping costs with LCL. When you want to book last minute shipments during peak shipping season during busy periods, it’s easier to secure a spot with LCL shipment , When the shipment is not urgent While low volume shipments can be transported via air freight, LCL freight is much cheaper. Due to our wide experience we can provide you with reliable performance and low supply chain costs. In addition, our packing processes not only protects your cargo but enables us to provide you with efficient services that minimize handling time and maximize options. Our comprehensive approach to LCL management ensures reliable, fast shipment of your goods worldwide, by sea in combination depending on customer needs and requirements.