About Us

About US

The company started from 2007 under the name of Global Transport and Logistics Service and separated from it in 2020, and the company became independent in 2021 under the name of Global for custom clearance and Logistics services Until now , Our goal is to provide the best custom clearance & logistic services and all international shipping services to all our customers in the best and simplest way possible and to provide all our services to all countries of the world at the best price.


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What we do for you ?

Custom for Clearance & logistics service is our main business ,We make it simple and predictable, so that you can save time, money and energy to grow your business we build durable , efficient supply chains that power businesses and drive trade creating access to new opportunities

Why Global Group ? ​

We are a shipping agent in FIATA, EIFFA, egyption shipping take care of the customer’s interest, transferring information, following up on shipments, communicating around the clock with the customer for any information he requests, providing advice to the customer regarding shipping and clearance, completing procedures as soon as possible and reducing customs release time, our experience extends to more than 25 years, our experience Qualifies us to finish customs procedures at the required speed, which leads to the benefit and reduce the cost of storage and Demerrage . Our experience Qualifies us to determine customs fees for what conforms to reality with the customs tariff We are able to compete with and improve the transit times currently offered by some of the major global consolidators around the world , Packaging the goods with high efficiency and the best modern packaging methods, and we believe in the goods in cooperation with the best , we ship goods and shipments and clear them as soon as possible by experts in this field, which ensures that the customer receives his goods on time without delay , We strive to provide our best services to our customers at the best price and take the lead among shipping companies in Egypt and the Middle East in the field of international freight, customs clearance, import and export We pride ourselves on having the ability to provide our customers with door to door service all over the world at a marketable price that even our competitors find difficult to challenge , We are very proud of establishing long-term business relationships with our customers , our experience Qualifies us to determine customs fees for what conforms to reality with the customs tariff , we believe that with our wide network links, our expertise in freight forwarding, & the efficiency of our staff, we will meet your shipping requirements, regardless that you are a shipper or agent , company works to provide its services with the highest level of customer satisfaction based on quality and lower prices We can provide all types of services with best charges all over the world . Company purpose Transportation , International Shipping ( Air Freight – Ocean Freight – Land Freight ) and Custom clearance .

Our Clients

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