Land Freight

It is the transportation of goods from one place to another and from one country to another, either by freight , The backbone in transportation between neighboring countries and within the country itself, as it is the fastest means of transportation in large shipments of large weights.
flexibility and experience Our flexibility and experience allows us to Offer any type of existing vehicle to transport your goods, including special transport.
Adapt transit times and transport costs according to your needs ,Get your goods to the furthest or most inaccessible place in Europe , Asia , china with every guarantee.
Support your efforts to protect the environment by offering the least contaminating combined transport possible, depending on the destination.
The following information is provided by our parteners whom we continuously and strictly supervise ,We offer to and from anywhere in Europe , china ,USA and Asia full truck loads Express transport with dedicated vehicles , transportation of special cargo (over-height or overweight) .
Global provides the best land freight services to the Gulf countries and the Arab countries and works to provide the best means of land transport at the lowest prices, which allows the company to meet the growing demand of its customers, whether at the local or international level. The company has a full fleet that operates with high efficiency in Egypt and various Arab and African countries.
The company has all the transportation equipment and means necessary to complete the transfer of the shipment in complete safety until it reaches the customer.
The company also provides special facilities for owners of companies and projects, the private and government sectors, as well as individuals, customs
clearance, shipment insurance, and door-to-door delivery as quickly as possible and in complete safety.