Air Freight

Global for Custom Clearance and Logistics Service provides air freight service quickly and efficiently, through highly qualified air freight experts. The company deals with many airlines inside and outside Egypt, which allows the customer to receive his goods quickly. The company carries out express shipment of imported or exported goods through its agents in various parts of the world.
Global enjoys a good reputation among air freight companies in Egypt, and the customer can follow the shipment at any time, and the company is in constant contact with various airlines and air freight ports all over the world and follows up the shipment moment by moment until it reaches the intended destination. This allows the company to complete and finalize the shipment in the fastest time, and to follow up accurately on the shipment from the time it entered the airport until the place of its arrival . We can organize point-to-point flights while working with key players offering the most consistent transit. In order to secure direct and economical routing of your cargo, contributing to competitiveness and timely delivery of your product,
we offer simple solutions or combined (sea-air) transport. Our services include loadings from small packages to large loads , while we handle the customs clearance , the storage and the delivery of your cargo.